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    The printing color is the color of the original by a different, M, Y and K percentage of C composed, so called mixed color is more reasonable. C, M, Y, K is commonly used to print four colors. When printing color, four colors has its own color version, recorded on a color version of the color dots, these dots by the halftone screen generated version of the four kinds of color combined together to form a defined colors. Size and spacing to adjust the color version of Internet access points will be able to form other primary colors. Indeed dairy packaging, paper above four printing colors are separated only close relative, since the ability to distinguish our eyes to certain restrictions, it can not be seen. We get the visual impression that the mixing of various colors, so have a variety of different colors. Variable data printing

Y, M, C almost all colors can be synthesized ticket printing, but needs black, because by Y, M, C black produced is impure, required during printing more pure black, if used, and Y, M, C to produce black ink too many problems occur locally.