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The History Of Corrugated Boxes Jul 20, 2017


In 1856 the British Edward Healy and Edward Allen brothers invented the paper into a corrugated corrugated paper, as a hat lining, used to breath and sweat. 1871 American Albert Jones (Albert Jones) invented a single corrugated cardboard, for packaging glass shade and similar fragile items, access to the United States the first patent. By the end of the 19th century, the United States began to study the use of corrugated board production packaging transport box.

1920 pairs of corrugated board came out, its use quickly expanded. During the First World War, corrugated boxes accounted for only 20% of the transport package. But during the Second World War, corrugated boxes in transport packaging has accounted for 80%. Corrugated boxes have now become the most widely used in the modern business and trade packaging containers, but also today the world's most important form of packaging.