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Label Industry Chain Has Been Formed In Flexo Printing Trends Jul 16, 2016

Labels in the food industry has a role that cannot be ignored, manufacturers can label deliver product information to the market, consumers can also tag to select the products they want, at the same time, Inspection Department inspection according to the labels on the product and, therefore, demand for the label of the food industry is very strong. With the development of the industry, label printing is constantly upgrading and innovation.

Labels are widely and label development of varieties naturally promotes the development of label printing technology. Label printing cover flat, convex, concave, net of all printing. From the global label trends can be seen in recent years, printing, narrow web flexo printing, digital printing in Europe and the United States become a new highlight of label printing and label printing trends.

Labels are mainly used in cosmetic, cosmetic, electronic appliances, medicine, daily necessities, such as food and beverages, supermarkets, retail and logistics products and industries. Among them, daily chemicals, food, medical needs for label products is particularly prominent.

According to the Institute for prospective industries label printing industries research group data shows 2010 label printing output of 19 billion yuan in China, produced 2.5 billion square meters, up 20% 2011 label printing output of 23 billion yuan, production reached 3 billion square meters, up 20%. Label printing industry with the development of market economy in China, especially in cosmetic, food, detergent, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household appliances and small appliances, as well as supermarkets, the rapid development of the logistics industry and access to the high-speed growth after several years of development, the label printing industry chain has been formed.