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Japan Kumamoto 6.5-magnitude Earthquake Occurred On Corrugated Board Of Local Residents For The Night Jul 16, 2016

Japan reports the evening of 14th and Japan 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Kumamoto and observed adjacent to Mashiki-machi of Kumamoto-7 strongly felt earthquake occurred. Mashiki-machi, about 2,820 local residents rushed out of asylum, nervously in the continuing aftershocks through the night.

Health and Welfare Center in a small town, over more than 900 residents take refuge, corridors and the lobby was jammed with people. Center staff don't have enough blankets, or even have their blanket carton apart corrugated banpu to the ground. Some people with dogs and cats and other pets spend the night outside the Centre. Dressed in camouflage fatigues rescue solders, residents brought water and bread and other food.

Small town "cherry home" 9 of the elderly and nursing home staff took refuge out many wheelchairs will go directly to the. 88-year old baimufujiang (phonetic) said: "never experienced such a strong earthquake, was really too nervous to fully awake." Some elderly people suffering from dementia in the nursing home, the staff continue to comfort them, and said to them: "no problem, don't worry." Aocunzhesheng nursing home staff said: "some of the older people are receiving artificial dialysis, are concerned about their physical condition. ”

Nurse shanbenchunmei said she was home when the quake hit on the second floor sits on the sofa, power failure suddenly in, TV and wardrobe have been knocked to the ground, a mess. Harumi Nemoto's mother slipped and fell in the quake, she said: "it feels like war hiding in bomb shelters. ”