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Imports For The First Time The Whole World's Top Corrugated Board Production Line Located In Taizhou Jul 16, 2016

Recently, under the supervision of inspection and Quarantine Bureau of inspection and quarantine in Taizhou, a value of 2.5 million euros from Italy fo Salisbury company, is a world of similar equipment in the highest grade and most complete configuration of corrugated board production line imported from Taizhou port smoothly. Zhejiang, which is introduced for the first time the entire top corrugated board production line in the world.

Taizhou huangyan Hua printing paper company importing of the corrugated board production line is the world of similar equipment in the highest grade and most complete configuration of production line with high precision, high speed, high automation, high efficiency and so on, can significantly improve the quality of corrugated board, dramatically reducing manufacturing costs, promote enterprises to speed up technological innovation, realize the transformation and upgrading.

Packaging of the device entry in 14 containers from Ningbo, Taizhou, after 7 days of transit to a total. Taizhou Bureau attaches great importance to the supervision of inspection and quarantine of the line, before the equipment arrived in Taizhou, have repeatedly contacted enterprises understand the import of dynamic equipment, information, inspection and quarantine laws and regulations to remind business considerations. After the arrival of equipment in Taizhou, Taizhou Bureau of inspection and quarantine personnel carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, after each container delivered to company, rushed to the scene in the first, supervision on inspection and quarantine of goods, secure the production line can be used soon. Up to now, the device has completed preliminary acceptance of the quantity, specifications, appearance and other, next step will be to enter the installation and commissioning phase, expected end of June tries. Taizhou Bureau will implement the staff pay close attention to line Assembly, debugging, once a problem is discovered will time out card, escort for the smooth operation of the device.