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How To Achieve Energy-saving Corrugated Board Production Line Jul 16, 2016

In today's society, "green" and "energy saving" has become a global issue, and select products by consumers as an important factor for this reason, many companies make "green" elements in various forms are widely used in brand marketing strategy. In fact, green is not only marketing tool "libretto", the green concept is closely integrated with the daily operation of enterprises, in order to achieve win-win brand enhancement and earnings growth. In recent years, green energy also penetrated into the cardboard box industry, large carton production and equipment manufacturers have embarked on a green journey, an attempt to reduce production costs, and contribute to a force for sustainable development. Corrugated box users order specifications, quantity requirements for small, fast delivery, carton manufacturing enterprises through improving the automation of corrugated board production line and production management, to improve quality, increase efficiency, save energy, save manpower, reduce supplies, waste reduction objective. Cost management is very important in corrugated board production line, lower production cost, tile line to bear the brunt.

The eternal theme of energy conservation and environmental protection is to safeguard the environment for human survival, are the focus of national sustainable development strategies, is today the enterprise pursues the era concept, is a national "Twelve-Five plan" seven strategic priority, is the first of seven major sustainability strategy. Businesses increasingly enhanced resources and environmental constraints, we must strengthen our sense of crisis. The cardboard box business enterprise is no exception, and must establish the concept of green, low-carbon development, with a focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, perfect incentive and restraint mechanisms, thoroughly implement the basic State policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment.