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German Corrugated Board Production Technology And Quality Jul 16, 2016

Report from Germany Mi Lunsong is a heavy duty woven global products and leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard production and processing conveyor belts, to be organized by China Dongguan international corrugated industry's most important show, Mi Lunsong show designed for the common type of hot plate and cooling lines and the development of the conveyor belt.

This was founded in 1880 by traditional professional enterprises, manufacturing base in Germany, products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, its technology-leading shoe line conveyor belt applied to all production models of corrugated board. Mi Lunsong conveyor belt made of high wear resistance, high heat-resistant fibers, with lasting durability, excellent humidity control performance, and maximum flexibility. Strong uniform contact pressure distribution on the raw materials making conveyor belt, ensure the perfect fit and quick drying of corrugated board, reduce heat and wear. Mi Lunsong braid moisture better, especially contribute to corrugated edges dry. Due to reductions in trimming, can reduce the waste of the edge up to 50%.

Now corrugated board is one of the world's most popular packaging materials. Due to changes in consumption patterns and the popularity of online shopping, Chinese demand for corrugated boxes has been high. It is predicted that by 2018 they purchase will be provided to the consumer over the Internet even more than the other countries combined. Mi Lunsong sales in the Chinese market is expected to maintain steady growth, and China has been committed to providing customers with high quality and reliable products and services. Mi Lunsong products from Germany, to post-production and shipping warehouses in Shanghai, so you can make it easy for customers purchasing to Germany the same quality product.