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Face Tougher Emissions Of VOCs In The Printing Industry Limited Jul 16, 2016

"China packaging news" in recent days, the Ministry and Ministry of Finance jointly issued the key industries of VOC reduction plan notified the Ministry (2016), No. 217 (hereinafter reduction plan). Notice made clear the plan calls for: the 11 key to accelerate VOCs emissions cuts, enhance the level of green manufacturing. Packaging, printing, printing inks, adhesives and other industries appear in both lists.

Cuts pointed out that focus areas for industrial VOCs emissions, emissions total emissions of more than 50%. Industrial source complex, mainly related to the production, use, storage and transport, and many other aspects, including: petroleum refining and petrochemicals, paints, inks, adhesives, pesticides, vehicles, packaging, printing, rubber products, synthetic leather, furniture, footwear industry accounted for more than 80% of total industrial emissions of VOCs emissions. At present, air pollution prevention and control situation is grim, it is imperative to speed up the VOCs emissions in key industries.