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Corrugated Board Samples Artifact Can Proof Speed 80% Jul 16, 2016

"As United Kingdom five carton plant one of the Cumberland AG/CAD corrugated board packaging the latest investment proofing equipment, thus reducing the customer requests proof of delivery times, and significantly improved the design of the corrugated board performance.

Based in Essex, the company's first AG/CAD prototype in 12 years ago, so when companies upgrade plant equipment, the company chose a different machine from the same manufacturer. General Manager John explains: "more than 20 years ago, we had only one plotter, 12 years ago, we bought the company's first cardboard characters, this application allows us to have AG/CAD of CAD software for paperboard packaging design. This machine is very good service of the us, for our customers to create more design ideas and products for the corrugated, so when it needs to upgrade this year, we choose a machine from the same manufacturer's latest DYSS. ”

Buy DYSS X7 Bull Proofer can deliver sample and prototype to shorten the delivery time of the 50%, for the internal sales team and potential customers with great efficiency. Because the machine proof speed 80%.