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Brazil This Year Corrugated Board Market Reduced Jul 16, 2016

Brazil Association of corrugated board figures released in recent days show, January-November this year, Brazil corrugated board market totaled 3.05 million tons, down 3.4%.

In November, Brazil listed about 280,000 tons of corrugated board, reduced 6.5% per cent, down 4.1%. Downturn Brazil economy severely affected sales of corrugated board. Industry estimates, Brazil this year corrugated board market totals about 3.31 million tons, down 3.4%. In addition, the 2016 corrugated board market will not have a big improvement, compared with this year were essentially flat, about 1% increase or decrease. Among them, exports of meat products such as corrugated board box listed more or less, to a large extent from the effects of exchange rate movements.

Industry analysts said Brazil economic downturn have negative impact on the performance of corrugated board. Brazil today throughout 2015 market down 3%. Association said Brazil corrugated board consumer market this year will be warmer, corrugated board market for the full year is expected or 1% more or less flat compared with last year.