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Birth Of World's First Ultra-like 3D Printing Technology Jul 16, 2016

3D printing, new Member of the family as the printing technology, compared with the early printing technology, the greatest highlight is processed through the Planar process, directly before the paper-based materials such as printing, the viewer like a three dimensional visual experience. Tiger color is currently involved in the industry including premium cigarette, wine bags, IT electronic, cosmetic and other, the future will be first in the field to enable 3D printing technology, the Tiger color itself or the industry as a whole, have epoch-making influence.

Popularization and application of 3D printing technologies of the future, is not only a display of technological achievements, but also throughout the industry the beginning of spring. As a new pet packaging and printing technology, this technology is still in the perfect stage, I believe that through the Tiger color 3D team members for their tireless efforts, the popularity of this technology is within reach.

3D printing technology developed for the packaging printing industry and inject a vitality, also marked the Tiger color in terms of packaging and printing technology research and innovation also wrote the event in a pen.