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Analysis Of The Market Prospect Of Corrugated Board Jul 16, 2016

According to market analysts predict that in the next five years, micro-corrugated paper demand in Europe would rise by an average 5 per year. 6%, micro corrugated growth will be 7 billion square meters. The characteristics of corrugated paper, in the case of the same weight, compressive properties of micro-corrugated board than solid tray.

According to its characteristics, according to their different uses you can combine different type, manufactured into a variety of packaging products, packaging weight, type and grade of the product. Compressive strength for users with high requirements on packing, using micro-Watt package is a good choice. Micro-corrugated cardboard-lined alternative to the traditional materials, environmentally-friendly and can increase the compressive strength, is ideal for cushioning materials.

Now many perfumes, cosmetics and other products are made with fine corrugated board lining improves the compressive strength of the packaging, and improved packaging grades. Many digital and small household electrical appliances with micro-corrugated cardboard-lined as an alternative to traditional EPE, EPS and other cushioning materials. Due to the micro-corrugated, coupled with high strength Corrugating medium used, so less costly and more environmentally friendly.