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Printed boxes Jul 16, 2016

Print cartridge, also known as Indian cosmetic, Indonesian room in full bloom. More Oblate, small bronzes, porcelain, jade, agate, ivory, porcelain is the best

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Jade print packs are more common in the Qing dynasty, mostly white, circular arc walls or vertical wall, or optical elements

Printed or engraved with ornamentation. Bai Yuyin, flattened convex, straight, female population, flat-bottomed, entirely without decoration. Fine jade white, extremely elegant.

Yin in Qing dynasty porcelain is the most popular, are abundant, can be divided into two, or round or square. General Court is bigger. Varieties are blue and white, color, color, pastel, color, etc. glaze. Kangxi Cowpea red, sprinkles blue glaze and most famous dynasty lacquer-like Yin.

Azure glaze printed box, cover, cover smooth, full-bodied azure glaze, enamel pure fat, top gloss. Has blue and white pair at the end of lap kai, Kangxi Imperial wares.

When the middle and late Qing dynasty carved porcelain, carved porcelain figures printed boxes, circular foot rim, a seal carved Su tour Chibi map, carving is exquisite, lifelike. Tongzhi made of carved porcelain masters Li Yucheng.