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Packaging policy Jul 15, 2016

Enterprise product package, try not to copy, not with other identical packaging, and the use of new materials, new technology, new designs, new shapes, gives consumers a new impression. Such as the use of renewable and biodegradable packaging made from materials are more popular, easier for consumers on the one hand, but also environmentally-friendly trend for enterprises to establish a good image. Convenient packaging policy. Enterprises purchased in design, product packaging, to give consumers everywhere to buy, easy to carry, use, storage and other aspects of. For the convenience of consumers, enterprises, uses different styles and tastes, composed of a variety of packaging or packing.

Cheap packaging policy. This strategy, is packed with enterprises using low cost, simple, often used for everyday use. Such as clothing, footwear, food and edible salt, monosodium glutamate, through clothing, such as traditional Chinese medicines, bagged milk. Of course companies adopt this strategy, not because of low consumer demand and free to purchase, and should take account of the characteristics of suitable and affordable.

Packaging strategies. This series of packing and packaging is different, packing for similar goods, package for different commodities. Travel accessories box, cosmetic box, traditional of the four treasures-the pen, ink, paper and ink stone, it is a package.