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Packaging of consumer psychology Jul 15, 2016

Packaging to be marketed mainly in the actual commercial activities, inevitably have a close relationship with the consumers of psychological activity. As a packaging designer consumer psychology will at blind if they do not know. How can I attract the attention of consumers, and how to further stimulate their interests, inducing them to take the final purchase, which must involve the knowledge of consumer psychology. Therefore, research on consumer psychology and change is an important part of packaging design. Have access to and rational use of consumer psychological laws in order to improve design quality, and at the same time increasing the added value of goods and improve sales efficiency.

Consumer psychology research has shown that consumers buy goods before and after have complex mental activity, age, sex, occupation, nationality, educational background, social environment, and many other differences, are divided into a variety of different consumer groups and consumer psychology. According to the China Social Survey Office (SSIC) in recent years, according to findings of the mentality of the people, largely consumer psychological characteristics can be summarized as follows:

1, truth-seeking psychology

Most consumers in the consumer process is the main consumer psychological characteristics and realistic, that the actual effectiveness of the most important, hope product easy to use, good value for money, does not pursue the aesthetic appearance and style of the novel. Practical psychology of consumer groups are primarily mature consumers, workers, housewives and elderly consumers.

2, beauty

Must afford consumers the means there are beauty, pay attention to the shape of the product itself and the external packaging, to focus on the artistic value of the goods. Beauty consumer group is mainly young people, intellectuals, and the proportion of women in this group 75.3%. In terms of product categories, jewellery, cosmetics, garments, handicrafts and gift packaging must pay more attention to the aesthetic value of mental performance.