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Packaging box Jul 15, 2016

Packaging box as its name suggests is used to packaging products of box, can by material to classification like: wood box, tray, cloth box, skin box, iron box, acrylic box, corrugated packaging box, and PVC box,, also can by products of name to classification like: gift box, wine box, chocolate box, drug box, and pen box, food packaging box, tea packaging box, and pencil case,. Now turned out to be the wood, paper and other materials mixed together. Box features: ensure product safety, improve product quality and so on. Main material: Netherlands Board, grey Board, MDF, acrylic, metal, corrugated (l e NG).

Refers to cardboard and micro corrugated (l e NG) paperboard folding cartons made of two materials and micro-corrugated cardboard box. General packing boxes for packing material limited company, printing and packaging plant.

General use as a mid-range package approach, between the inner and outer boxes. Package color box, generally composed of several colors, and gives a strong visual sense, so that buyers and users of the goods the overall appearance and color detail a little bit about. Particularly suited to cannot unpack goods before buying. Has been widely used in electronics, food, beverages, wine, tea, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, health care products, cosmetics, household appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods and other industries, and product packaging equipment industry, is an essential industry.

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