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Overview of beverage packaging design Jul 15, 2016

Packaging is the external expression of the product and marketing tools. For packaging, a concise definition of many countries have. Like, United States for: packaging is for products of shipped out and sales made of prepared behavior; United Kingdom for: packaging is for goods of transport and sales made of art, and science and technology Shang of prepared work; Canada think packaging is will products by supply who served customer or consumers hands and can keep products intact State of tool; China on packaging of defined for: for in circulation process in the protection products, convenient transportation, promote sales of auxiliary real, of General. Today, people's awareness of packaging more fully, given a broader meaning. From the viewpoint of system theory, purpose, packaging requirements, components, functions and practical factors such as the link, forming a complete set of packaging concepts.

Beverage beverage packaging is the particularity of special significance. This specificity is reflected in: one representative of beverage packaging product shape, product form of Visual language, on the centralized statement of the meaning of beverage packaging is beverage, which contains a description of the basic features and drink spirit communication of cultural significance.

For drinks, because the product is liquid, beverage packaging is the most important medium of expression. Packaging design is an integrated system, trademarks, text, information, graphics, color, shape, materials and other organic elements depending on the purpose of grouping together, words and pictures on the packaging must be to attract customers for the purpose of only clear information and content specifications so as not to mislead consumers.