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History of the print cartridge Jul 16, 2016

Specific start time the print cartridge is not, and Song Cenggong poems: "Lian GE Qian, aware-free vegetarian diet. "And handed down a Tang Yin was seen in, it can be seen that yin no later in the Tang dynasty, Cheng Yusong, Song dynasty official, brother,, Yin Yue kiln were burning. Yuan dynasty printed boxes, Georgie and two of the marriage: "just like a print box off in the future. ”

Due to historical reasons, very rare things in Tang and Song dynasties, the Qing dynasty handed down more. Ming yin for bronze, round, micro-convex. Copper and gold-inlaid with gold silk screen printing boxes, inserts, cover design, picture, its size is small, but works quite exquisite.

Yin Ming dynasty porcelain or round or square, to the medium-term future is common. Blue-and-white colored Dragon profile box, square, straight wall. Cover painted Dragon decoration, Dragon and Phoenix patterns of body painted with 22. Blue and white double box on the bottom of "big Ming dynasty Wanli years"-kai, for dynasty Guan kiln.

With copper as the ink pad is very popular in the Qing dynasty, square, round. Decorative techniques dominated by gilded Jin Kaiguang carved bird and flower decoration, craft is exquisite. Copper chisel Phoenix printing box, round, flat-top, straight wall, cover the carved Phoenix, box wall is carved with decorations. Decorations and delicate, elegant decoration, for the mid Qing dynasty.