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Development status Jul 16, 2016

Corrugated cardboard (box) of green environment-friendly packaging products is recognized around the world. But with the growing environmental protection concepts, coupled with the increasing scarcity of forest resources in the world and the growing shortage of water and land resources, cartons of paper required for the production of timber cutting more and more restricted in many countries, seriously affecting the corrugated box industry source of wood fibre.

At present, global demand for corrugated products of this year has reached 100 million metric tons, of which United States about 31%, about 25% in Europe including Eastern Europe, China 10%, Japan 9%. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, due to its high cost, manufacturing to overseas, its less corrugated paper's annual growth rate to be lower or even negative growth in May. Conversely, rising manufacturing to low cost countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand and Viet Nam, greater growth of corrugated paper

As a traditional and essential packaging, corrugated boxes, have been used for hundreds of years and won favor.

With the improvement of people's living standards, development of the market economy and commodities market continues to boom, corrugated box so some subtle changes have taken place.

Traditional corrugated boxes used solely for transportation's sales began to decline, while those with higher strength and better advertising features and beautifully printed corrugated carton market demand is growing.

Therefore, corrugated boxes in order to be able to have further breakthroughs, it is necessary to adapt to changing market demands