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Corrugated cardboard history Jul 16, 2016

Corrugated Board first began in the late 18th century. In 19th century, found not only light fastness of corrugated board, low price much more than the material and making technology simple, use more widely. Not only that, the corrugated board is made from not only by the natural decomposition of the wood fibers of recyclable environmentally-friendly materials, and can be reused and does not affect the performance of the play. So highly favored.

To the beginning of 20th century, due to the use made of corrugated board packaging containers to beautify and protect contents items has its own unique characteristics and advantages of corrugated board started to be comprehensive common, promotion and application of coat of protective packaging of goods became a wide variety of different fields, in a wide range of packaging materials and the competition has gained unprecedented success.

Rage in almost two centuries as a flood-like expansion of the expansion of the market development and market coverage, became by far the longest in any real sense of corrugated board is sustainable and rapid development of making packaging materials.