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Corrugated Board Jul 16, 2016

Corrugated Board is a combination of layers of sticky, it at least made a wave-shaped core paper clip layer (commonly known as "the pit", "corrugated", "corrugated paper", "corrugated-core", "corrugated") and a layer of cardboard (also known as "cardboard", "container"). It has high mechanical strength, it can withstand handling during the collision and fall. Actual performance of corrugated box depends on three factors: the core structure of the properties of paper and paperboard and the carton itself.

Also known as corrugated cardboard. By at least one layer of corrugated cardboard and a layer of paper (also called paperboard) bond, and has good elasticity and extensibility. Mainly used in the manufacture of carton, carton filling and fragile commodity packaging materials. Soil through beating straw pulp and waste paper, made a similar yellow cardboard base paper board, Cheng Waleng of machine rolling again, and then on the surface with sodium silicate, adhesive and paper bonded together.

Corrugated Board of corrugated corrugated seems a connection of arched door, mutual tied into a row, mutual support, formed triangle structure body, has better of mechanical strength, from plane Shang also can bear must of pressure, and full elastic, buffer role good; it can according to need made various shape size of liner or container, than plastic buffer material to simple, and shortcut; by temperature effect small, shading sex good, by light not metamorphic, General by humidity effect also smaller, but should not be in humidity larger of environment in the long-term using, This will affect its strength