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1, plate tag, the document should be divided into cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), black (K) four-color, the color separation principle is what?

A: The color drawings or color photographs, the number of colors on its screen there are thousands of species. To these thousands of colors to the same color color printing it is almost impossible. Printed using four-color printing method. That is the first color originals decomposition into cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), black (K) four-color color version of Fuji Xerox, and then the synthesis of color printing. The so-called "separation" is based on the principle of subtractive color, the use of selective absorption characteristics of red, green, and blue color filters of different wavelengths has the shade, but the original is decomposed into yellow, magenta, cyan primary colors. In the separation process, it is absorbed by the shade of the color filter color filter itself complement shade, as well as Adobe on the photosensitive film to form a black and white negative of the image, re-screening, constitute outlets negatives, the final copy, tan colored plates. This is the earliest photographic color separation principle.

The development of printing technology, and now we can prepress scanning equipment original color separations will be sampled and converted into digital information, which uses the same method with photoengraving decomposition of the original color of red (R), green (G), blue (B) three-color activities, and digitized, and then the computer through mathematical calculations to digital information broken down into cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), black (K) four-color information. Packaging and Printing City

2. What is the color printing?

A: The printing color is the color of the original by a different, M, Y and K percentage of C composed, so called mixed color is more reasonable. C, M, Y, K is commonly used to print four colors. When printing color, four colors has its own color version, recorded on a color version of the color dots, these dots by the halftone screen generated version of the four kinds of color combined together to form a defined colors. Size and spacing to adjust the color version of Internet access points will be able to form other primary colors. Indeed dairy packaging, paper above four printing colors are separated only close relative, since the ability to distinguish our eyes to certain restrictions, it can not be seen. We get the visual impression that the mixing of various colors, so have a variety of different colors. Variable data printing

Y, M, C almost all colors can be synthesized ticket printing, but needs black, because by Y, M, C black produced is impure, required during printing more pure black, if used, and Y, M, C to produce black ink too many problems occur locally.

3, the device color desktop publishing system have? What software?

 A: The color desktop publishing system from the input section graphic, graphics processing unit, graphic output section three major components. Specific portions of the following composition:

(1) graphic input part of the equipment: scanners, digital cameras, computers. Software: The device driver software, and MAC and PC operating systems.

(2) graphic processing part of the equipment: the computer. Software: 1. Computer software: image processing software category as Photoshop, Painter. 2. Class graphics software: FreeHand design, CorelDraw. 3. Publishing software PageMaker, QuarkXpress. Primary three-dimensional image system software: 3DS, Infihi-D, Strate-StudioPRO.

(3) by output part of the equipment: computers, color printers, laser printers, laser imagesetters, CTP, Plate, etc., direct digital presses. Software: RIP, driver software, font.

4. Why computer design system requires the use of large-capacity memory? Common mass storage What? Packaging and decoration

A: Design to use many photographs or computer-generated images, because the printed output needs of the packaging container, the image resolution is usually higher, about 300Dpi. Therefore, the amount of disk space images are large. For example, the imposition of a 4K file, generally all the stored files to more than 100M or more. Usually 3.5-inch floppy disk stored images can not meet the requirements, so use to large-capacity memory. Common mass storage are: ① optical disk (MO) drive printing education, the disc has a 230M and 460M or more. ② hard disk activity. ③ZIP (100M) drive. ④ rewritable discs.

5, What kind of procedures should be before printing and computer design?

A: The general workflow has the following basic procedure:

① clear design and printing requirements, to accept the customer information ② Design: including input text, images, ideas, imposition ③ a monochrome or color proofs, allows customers to modify ④ Press proofreading modify ⑤ proofreading again, allow customers to modify until finalized ⑥ allow customers after signing a film ⑦ prepress proofing ⑧ sent to print proofing to allow customers to see if there is a problem detergent packaging, such as no problem, customer signature. Prepress design all the work is completed. If you have questions proofing, have modified, re-output film.

7. What computer design system to complete the design workflow?

A: workflow design system as follows: ① First, according to the final size of the original image scanning and imaging software to adjust the image good finisher, and can do some creative design work.

② typesetting designed to work in graphics or typesetting software include: enter text, draw graphics, placed images. Printing and packaging City

③ be customers after finalizing the document sent to the output center output film. Laser imagesetter is working with PostScript language by RIP (raster image processor) to the layout described as bitmap and divided into C (cyan), M (magenta), Y (yellow), K (black) four-color sheet. If the design of the final film output requirements are not, but like large color inkjet carton boxes, use inkjet printers output can be.